Sports at PIS

Physical development is important at Pensmith International School. Learning technique, cooperation, and competing with other individuals can make students stronger, but also provides balance with daily classroom learning tasks.

Our physical education teacher, Martin Losada, has worked with our students for many years. Martin understands sport concepts well as he was a professional track and field athlete and a university football player. Moreover, he was a beach lifeguard in Valencia, Spain. He has competed in the triathlon, different kinds of races, and even Thai boxing.

Through his teaching experience, but also his qualifications and experience participating in different sports, he has expertise in teaching swimming and football. He has lifeguarding and swimming teacher certifications, and a youth football coach license, that were issued in Spain. Additionally, he has other personal trainer and nutrition certifications.

Martin facilitates fair play and teamwork in sports classes with students. Moreover, he feels that students should demonstrate their best effort each day that they practice sports.  

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University of Valencia