School Life

School Life

Our students experience a balance of learning experiences, activities, and lessons both inside and outside the classroom.

Our School Day

We start our school day at 850 am.  While mornings are focussed on literacy and numeracy, afternoons are focused on projects which integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM), Geography, History, ICT, Art, Music, PE, Swimming, and Mandarin.

School Life


The school uniform is an important part of our identity and community, we also want to ensure that our students are comfortable and ready to learn. A bi-annual student project contributes to the design of our uniform. Uniforms can be purchased from the school admin office.

School Life


Community Involvement

Community life is important for our school and we want for our students to actively participate and contribute to our school community. This involvement allows the development of skills, talents and collaborative successes from participation.

There are a number of ways we encourage community involvement. This is through our house system, the student council and community projects.  This also involves sharing our learning with our parents, local schools and our wider community.

School Life

House System

When students and staff join our community they join one of 4 house teams. There are various individual and team competitions that students participate in throughout the year where they represent their house.  These competitions are lots of fun while at the same time great opportunities for collaboration, communication, and leadership.

Student Council

All communities have people who help represent those in the community.  The Student Council gives students the opportunity to represent their community and take actions to develop the school and improve the convenience of school life. Furthermore, this gives students the responsibility and right to raise issues affecting the student community and inform their class representatives of matters for discussion during their Student Council meetings. Moreover, students involved in the Student Council strengthen their leadership skills and identity as representatives of the School and their community.


Extra Curricula Activities

We aim to provide a diverse range of Extra Curricula Activities to meet the needs and interests of the students.   Students from Year 1 are encouraged to participate in these activities to experiment, develop new skills and interests.

Examples of clubs include :
Football, Swimming, Engineering, Maths, Science, Programming, Movie Making, Robotics, Young Inventor, Cooking.

School Trips and Residentials

School trips and residentials are a part of school life and the students learning experience. These trips may be in and around Bangkok.  Additionally, our older students can also participate in overnight trips.  The reason for school trips is to support the learning in the classroom and develop 21st Century skills.

School Calendar

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