Reasons to Enroll

What makes Pensmith International School special?

Our Campus

Pensmith International School is located in the Bangkapi area, an eastern region of Bangkok. The school is located on Ramkhamhaeng road, which is not far from Suvarnaphumi International Airport.  

Our large campus has an area of 8,692 square meters (5 rai 173 square wah). Our 29 classrooms can accommodate 870 students. Our facilities include a 12.5 meter x 25 meter swimming pool, futsal court, and indoor and outdoor sport courts. Also, a laboratory is available for students to perform experiments and other activities. Photographs of our facilities can be found on the Facilities page.

Our Curriculum

Through the use of an American Curriculum and Standards, students will explore and perform learning activities in a similar fashion to learners studying in the United States. Thinking critically, with freedom to express one’s ideas, is encouraged to expand their learning capacity, but also to inspire creativity and new ways of thinking.

Our school curriculum provides core subjects which include Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Art and Humanities, and Health, Safety and Physical Education. Participating in these subjects is essential for later higher education enrollment.

Moreover, the elective subjects, such as Business, Computer Science, Environment and Ecology, Family and Consumer Sciences, Career Education and Work, and World Languages, will broaden a student’s knowledge and assist them to be a desirable candidate for university entrance. Our aim is to assist each student to discover their interests and passions so that can become a qualified professional in an ever-changing world.

Pensmith International School Community

During their time at our campus, students will have great support by our staff, academically, emotionally, and physically. Learning is most effective when a person’s health and mind is robust, and therefore, our school encourages mental and physical exercise.  

Simultaneously, we provide a positive learning environment where students can feel safe, valued and supported, which facilitates eagerness and engagement to perform learning activities. Moreover, we promote respect and kindness to every individual, as well as creativity and collaboration. Academic and emotional progress is vital for all students so that they can become compassionate and prosperous individuals.

A Higher Education Pathway

Pensmith International School uses the Pennsylvania High School Curriculum. Our professional teaching staff recognize and care for each student’s needs so that students can grow and become academically and emotionally strong individuals.

Students who graduate from our school will have sufficient access to universities around the world. Moreover, In Thailand, students will be qualified to enter Shinawatra University, Assumption University, and other international programs offered by prestigious public universities.

If studying in the United States or the United Kingdom is a student’s goal, they will receive support to complete tasks required for university acceptance. For example, students will receive support from teaching staff to perform well on the American GED and SAT examinations and other examinations. One of our school’s goals is to facilitate a pathway for students to obtain access to higher education.

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