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Principal’s Message

At Pensmith International School, we strive to foster academic rigor, collaboration, and creativity.

Qualified and experienced teachers facilitate the Pennsylvania State curriculum through worthwhile learning activities with high standards. Moreover, by differentiating activities, teachers cater to different preferred learning styles and ability levels of each student.

While teachers foster independent critical thinking, collaborating, sharing, and working in teams is also facilitated in our classrooms. We feel that academic excellence, communicating ideas, respecting different perspectives, and being kind to all community members are equally important.

Simultaneously, creativity and expression of unique ideas are valued. Students are encouraged to investigate about topics, develop projects, and seek solutions through collaboration and research.

We feel that each student has the capacity to achieve their academic goals. Through learning and working diligently in our school environment, they will prepare themselves to study in high ranking and respected universities in other countries.

Kind regards,

Shane Frenna

High School Principal

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