Information for Chinese Students

We understand that finding a good international school that facilitates a pathway to higher education at universities around the world is important. An international school should foster a worthwhile education that prepares students for study and work in other countries. A school should also provide an inclusive environment for students with diverse ability levels and needs.

At Pensmith International School, we invite Chinese students and learners of any nationality to study in an environment where teachers and other staff cater to student needs and prepare learners for higher education learning and working abroad.

At our school, one can find:

  • Learning facilitated by a Western curriculum, the Pennsylvania High School Curriculum.
  • Coursework for 6 core subjects and 7 elective subjects that will prepare students for higher education study.
  • Qualified teaching staff who recognize and cater to individual student needs.
  • Support to complete tasks required for university acceptance.
  • Learning support to do well on the American SAT and other examinations.
  • An environment for each student to grow physically, academically, and emotionally to be prepared for study and work in other countries.
  • positive learning environment where students can feel safe, valued, and supported.
  • An environment which promotes critical thinking and expressing one’s ideas freely.
  • A educational setting that inspires new ways of thinking, creativity, and collaboration, but also kindness and respect for other individuals.
  • An expansive campus to study. Our campus has an area of 8,692 square meters.
  • Twenty-nine spacious classrooms.
  • A science laboratory.
  • Indoor and outdoor sport facilities.
  • A running track.
  • A 12.5-meter x 25-meter swimming pool.
  • A campus surrounded by trees and low-rise buildings.
  • A location not far from Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

After graduating from PIS:

  • Students will have access to universities around the world.
  • Learners will receive support to complete university applications well.
  • Students will be qualified to enter Shinawatra University and Assumption University.
  • Learnings will be able to enroll with other international programs at public universities.

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