Open House 2018

We are hosting our open house on 27th January 2018, 9:30am – 1130am.  Come and join us, learn about our school and participate in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths activities, games and demonstrations. If you have any questions or would like to register your interest, please call 085-155-8888.

Registration Information

You will need a QR Code Reader to participate (you can do this through Line or by downloading a QR Reader app).  Connect with our official Line@ account @PensmithSTEM to prepare to participate.


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About the learning Stations

Teacher Station Global Theme Big Question / Problem Station Activity
Trish Kindergarten STEM Roots and Shoot – Kindy Life on Land Story & Activity

Planting seeds

Station K We want our youngest learners to observe, experience, find out about, and care for life on land. In doing so, we are helping children develop an appreciation for our natural world so that they will be inspired to help protect species and their habitats.  Join us as we read a story about a curious cat who finds a tiny bean one day. Let’s discover what happens to that little bean and plant one of our own.
Ashley Global Goal Industry, Innovation, and  Infrastructure How can landmines be removed and discarded safely? STEM Challenge
Station A War-torn countries like Myanmar continue to suffer due to an abundance of hidden landmines.  People and animals face life-threatening injuries while trying to complete daily tasks.  What if we could safely remove and discard all landmines to allow for more secure infrastructure and a prosperous community?  Visit KS1 (year 1 & 2) to help find a solution to this real-world issue.  Tackle our Landmine STEM Challenge where designing a device that can remove a model landmine from an unstable location and discard it safely to will bring relief and opportunity to the people and animals of these affected areas.      
Martyna Global Goal Life on Land Is life on land possible if bees become extinct? WeDo Debugging Programming
Station B Bumblebee and honeybee populations are declining and KS2 (year 3 & 4) are on a mission to find out why in order to design a solution. Learn how bees play a crucial role in agriculture and ending hunger which are important UN goals.  Be a scientist and investigate the importance of bee populations and our role in their survival. Build and program a Lego model of a bee pollinating a flower, simulating their active role in plant reproduction.  Then, carefully dissect a flower to discover its parts and their functions.  Finally, put your pollination knowledge to the test with an interactive activity using whiteboard technology.
Kevin Global Goal Affordable and Clean Energy How can we replace non-renewable oil as an energy source? Electric Kits
Station C Join KS2/2 (Year 5 & 6) as we use our Engineering skills to create and explore different types of Affordable and Clean Energy. We have looked at the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and learned that we need to find a solution to non-renewable energy sources. We will guide you through our learning journey. Then, you get hands-on experience building circuits using alternative energy sources to power various simple machines.
Daniel Global Goal Gender Equality How can gender equality be addressed in schools? Mindstorm Coding
Station D Did you know that the current civil war crisis in Syria has had a negative impact on the education girls and children are receiving?  Come see KS3 (year 7 & 8) to learn how the students of Pensmith STEM International have addressed gender inequalities through the story of Muzoon Allmenehan, a Syrian refugee and girls’ education activist. Join our class of engineers and computer programmers as they guide you through their very own obstacle course with the use of their programmable robot.
Apple Education Global Goal Partnerships PSI partnership with Apple and our use of technology in the classrooms Various Technology
Station E Come and learn about using Apple products in the classroom.  iPads, Sphero robots, and Apple TV.
Station F Just for Fun!  When you have a few minutes spare, you can go and have some fun in the bouncy castle!

Map of station locations

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9 – 930 – registration

930 – 940 welcome message

940 – 1120 visiting classrooms

1120 – 1130 complete final QR code / questionnaire

1130 – Prize Draw