British Curriculum at Pensmith STEM International

We have tailored and adapted the British Curriculum, with a focus on STEM education and the development of 21st Century skills, to meet the meets of our International Environment and our location in Thailand.  In High School, our students are prepared for IGCSE and A Levels. We provide a unique curriculum which combines the best of British and International Education, while at the same time respects and celebrates Thailand’s culture.

The British Curriculum is recognised around the world for its reputation of quality and preparation of students for University.  For this reason, the British Curriculum is a popular choice for families around the world when selecting an International School.


STEM Projects based on themes relating to UN Sustainability Goals

We deliver our curriculum through themes related to the 2030 UN Sustainability Goals.  This way the students are explicitly exposed to real-world problems and how what they are studying is relevant.   Students undertake these projects which combine skills and knowledge from across the curriculum. This develops students’ ability to work in teams to promote their critical thinking and problem-solving skills through discovery and exploratory learning to develop and research ideas and work towards solutions to real-world problems.   Below is an example of a project in action:


The Structure of the British Curriculum 

The structure of the British Curriculum ensures that age-appropriate learning is developed at each stage.  The curriculum is divided into stages referred to as “Key Stages” and represent the phases of education from nursery through to university preparation. The stages are detailed below:

Stage Year Groups Grades
Early Years Kindergarten Kindergarten
1 Year 1 – 2 K3 – Grade 1
2a Year 3 – 4 Grade 2 and 3
2b Year 5 – 6 Grade 4 and 5
3 Year 7 – 9 Grade 6,7,8
4 Year 10 – 11 Grade 9 and 10
5 Year 12 – 13 Grade 11 and 12