Our leadership team has a vast amount of experience working in the education sector. Leadership personnel are also members of the school board. Collaboration and cooperation within our team are facilitated by each person’s different and invaluable education-related expertise.

Dr. Primrose Maryprasith

School Director and Board Chairperson

Ph.D. Education, University of London

Since 2000, Dr. Primrose has performed many roles at Pensmith School. As a well-qualified teacher, who earned an MA in Linguistics and BA in Fine and Applied Arts from Chulalongkorn University, she taught English and piano classes for many years. Moreover, she performed leadership roles, such as manager and director, and became the school’s licensee in 2017. Dr. Primrose understands well that each student is unique, with different weaknesses and strengths, but that each learner has the capability to achieve their goals. She feels that a school’s staff, should facilitate learning to cater to each child’s needs. Simultaneously, she also recognizes that students should discover their passions, while also accepting challenges, so that they can achieve happiness in their work and other activities.

Shane Frenna

High School Principal

MA Educational Leadership and Management, University of Nottingham

Shane has performed different teaching and leadership roles with primary and secondary learners for over 15 years. He has worked with American, British National, Edexcel, Oxford AQA, Singaporean, and Thai curricula. Moreover, he has earned safeguarding, coaching, personal training, fitness nutrition, and other certifications.

Yureeporn Pichaisriswad

Director of Government Relations

MA Business Management, Ramkhamhaeng University

Yureeporn has performed diverse roles within the education sector. She acted as an education group representative, managed education business investments, and facilitated a foreign student exchange program. She feels that daily life events facilitate education and that learning occurs each day.

Panadda Khampakdee

School Director

M.Ed. Educational Technology, Kasetsart University

Panadda has twenty-six years of work experience in the Thai education system. She has performed many duties as a teacher, assistant director, and director. Panadda has extensive policy and procedure knowledge of The Thai Ministry of Education. She feels that if one has integrity, confidence, and determination, one can succeed.

Sumalee Kaewwiroon

Assistant School Manager

BS in Science, Rajanagarindra University

Sumalee has worked in the education sector for over 4 decades. Similar to her colleagues, she has performed different roles in schools. She has worked as a mathematics teacher, assistant principal, and primary school principal. Recently, she was recognized for her diligent work and devotion to education with the Outstanding Private School Teacher Award from The Association Board of Coordination and Promotion of Private Education (APPE). Sumalee feels that determination to improve one’s endeavors is vital to be successful.

Sirikarn Tripobthanapat

School Manager

M. Ed. Educational Administration, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

Sirikarn has performed different roles within the education sector. She has worked with young children as a kindergarten teacher. As an assistant manager and manager, she performed accounting and financial work. Sirikarn feels that honesty and persistence are vital to perform well. Additionally, she feels enthusiasm to learn new ideas is important.

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