Brief History

Pensmith School was established in 1988 by Achin Maryprasith. Pensmith School provided a pathway for students to further their studies and become qualified personnel in the professional community. Many former students have become doctors, nurses, engineers, architects, and business owners.  

Nowadays, globalization has facilitated access to different parts of the world. Through proficiency in the English Language and by engaging in rigorous academic activity, learners will have an opportunity to seek work in professional work environments in other countries.

To adapt to the needs of parents and students, our school changed. In April, 2022, Dr. Primrose Maryprasith demonstrated the criteria set by the Ministry of Education for our school to become an international school.

Pensmith International School staff facilitate learning through the Pennyslvania state curriculum. By Engaging with an American curriculum and studying in an English-speaking environment, pupils can gain access to universities abroad and be more prepared to live and work in new locations.

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The Thailand Ministry of Education and Its Policies