Now recruiting : teaching and leadership opportunities

PensmithSTEM will open in August 2017 and is now recruiting for the following positions:

For August 2017 start:

  • KS1 teacher
  • Upper KS2 teacher
  • Middle School teacher (Maths and Science)
  • Middle School teacher (English and Humanities)
  • EAL specialists (3)



PensmithSTEM will open in August 2017.

The School Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Tony Atkinson as Founding Headteacher.

Tony Atkinson is 39 years old and was educated at Appleby Grammar School, from where he went on to study Physiology at the University of St. Andrews. He also holds an MBA and M.Sc in Educational Leadership.  Tony joins Pensmith from Saint John’s for Education, Bangkok.  Over his 11 years at Saint John’s Tony undertook many roles including lecturer and at the University, Principal of their American High School and most recently as Headteacher at Saint John’s International School, where he lead the growth of the school, tripling student numbers during his time at the school.

Tony is married and has a 20-month-old daughter who will be joining PensmithSTEM when she is old enough!

The experiences gained at Saint John’s and in the UK uniquely place Tony to lead the development of PensmithSTEM when it opens its Kindergarten and Primary and Middle School in August 2017 and High School in August 2018.

PensmithSTEM will open in August 2017.

At PensmithSTEM we believe that through outstanding integrated learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths alongside English Communication Skills, alongside the environment, curriculum and 21st Century learning experiences that will prepare our students for the skills they will need in future jobs and careers.

At PensmithSTEM our vision and mission is to develop globally responsible citizens who are prepared to meet the demands of our changing and developing world.

To do this our community will:

  • Be a leader in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths education
  • Instill 21st Century Skills in our community
  • Create 21st Century Learning Environments
  • Thrive as leaders, innovators and citizens