Admissions, Visit and Fees Enquiry Form

Our admissions team are available throughout the year to provide information and answer your questions about our school.  For admissions, tuition fees, or to arrange a school visit please complete the form below and one of our team will get back to you.

Admissions Process

The 6 steps of our admission process are outlined below, if you have any questions about any part of this process, please contact our admin team on 085-155-8888, or 0-2376-2168 or by email:

Step 1: Application

Parents are required to complete and submit the following documents:

Application form

4 Child’s Photographs (passport size)

A photocopy of Child’s Passport/ Visa

A photocopy of Child’s Birth Certificate

A photocopy of previous school reports

Child’s medical report

2 Parent’s photographs (passport size)

A photocopy of parent’s I.D./ Passport/ Visa

Payment for the admissions testing fee, where appropriate.

Step 2: Review of Documents
The Admissions Team will review the documents and inform parents of the date to bring their child(ren) for their Discovery Day(s) / Testing Day.
Step 3: Discovery Day(s) / Testing Day

Parents and students should come to meet the Admin Team when they arrive at school.

Discovery Day Testing
In Kindergarten to year 2 applicants will typically have two Discovery Days. Years 3 – 6, one Discovery Day. Individual circumstances may result in up to three Discovery Days.

Class teacher will make an assessment in English and Maths, along with observations of their interaction with other students, and their ability to access the curriculum.

For Years 7 and above tests will be given in English and Maths.  Discovery days may also be required.


Step 4 : Interview
After successfully completing the discovery day and/or testing requirements, parents and students are required to meet with the Head of School. You will be informed during this meeting of the school’s decision.
Step 5: Acceptance Decision
The Head of School will confirm the outcome of the admissions application. Successful applications will receive an acceptance letter, which allows you to register your child at the school and pay fees.

If the class is already at capacity, students who have successfully passed the Admissions Test and the Interview may be placed on a waiting list. If this applies you are recommended to only withdraw from your current school once your place has been confirmed. Please note the waiting list does not guarantee placement.

Step 6: Registration
a. Parents are given an invoice to pay all required fees.   All fees must be paid before your child can commence learning.

b. Parents meet the Admissions Team to complete all arrangements to start school.