Visit our Open Day – 15th December 2018

Visit Our Open Day: Saturday 15th December 2018.  To register call 085-155-8888 or follow this link

On Saturday 15thDecember 2018 we will be hosting our Open Day. The purpose of this day is for you and prospective children and their families to :

  • Learn more about our school and STEM Education
  • Investigate the great things that our students have been learning
  • Discover the outstanding opportunities that our learning environment offers
  • Explore our school and facilities
  • Participate with our students and staff on some of their projects and learn about the challenges they encountered and solutions they came up with

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to see what our students have been learning in their most recent projects.

Activities start at 9am and will finish at 11.30am. 

Ground Floor Activity Map
First Floor Activity Map
The projects you can experience at our Open Day.